Acrylic Patio Cover Design and Installation Services in Metro Vancouver

Primetop patio covers with wood inserts provide a beautiful and traditional look to any outdoor space. Our covers feature wooden posts and accent pieces designed to enhance your patio’s aesthetic while providing superior protection from the elements.

Why Choose a Primetop Patio Cover with Wood Insert?

Durable and Robust Construction:

Primetop patio covers are made from high-grade aluminum extrusion with a wood insert for added strength and insulation.

Versatile Design:

The wood insert allows for an extra layer of protection against the elements while providing a natural look and feel to your outdoor space. 

Efficient installation:

The pre-punched holes make installation fast and easy, allowing us to install your new patio cover in record time.  

Low Maintenance Needs:

With minimal upkeep, you can enjoy your outdoor living area without stressing over laborious cleaning or repairs in between seasons.

Not only offering protection from the elements, but Primetop’s patio covers with wood inserts also add an inviting and stylish look to any outdoor space. Our wood inserts are made of high-quality hardwood species such as cedar or redwood that are finished with a protective coating for long-lasting beauty and durability. 

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