Door Cover Design and Installation in Metro Vancouver

Primetop door covers are designed to protect your doors from dust, dirt, and other elements. Our door covers are made of strong and durable materials and give you the coverage you need to keep your doors looking their best.

Why Choose a Primetop Door Cover?


With an extruded aluminum frame, the Primetop door cover is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting or corroding. The powder-coated finish also offers extra protection against wear and tear.


The door cover is designed to easily attach to any pre-existing surface, making it easy to customize your doorway look and feel with a straightforward product installation. 

Style Options:

The Primetop door covers come in various striking colours and patterns that can match up nicely with your home's exterior décor or interior design scheme.  

Cost Savings:

By installing the Primetop door cover, you can save money on energy bills by blocking out both heat and cold air from entering your home through the door frame - helping you keep control over interior climate levels while keeping overall heating/cooling costs lower than before!  

A Primetop door cover provides an effective layer of insulation to minimize energy loss in the home and keep it more comfortable year-round. It also helps protect the door from the elements, ensuring that it lasts longer and looks better for years to come.

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